Learn the Benefits of Keeping a Menopause Journal

Keeping a menopause journal is one of the best tools that could help a woman deal with menopause. As you know, many of us like to keep journals and notebooks in order to keep track of our daily appointments and work schedules. In the same way, we need a journal for keeping track of our various symptoms of menopause.

A research company in the US once conducted a study of people who keep records of their medical history. The results showed that of the approximately 7 million women in the United States who use a journal regularly, over half of these also keep track of their health conditions.

A journal can take the form of a paper diary, notebook or even a computer program or an app on a mobile device. Whatever form your journal takes, the key is to fill it in regularly. The more information you have on your various menopause signs, the more you can notice any patterns emerging.

The other benefits of keeping a menopause journal is to manage the physical and emotional stresses that you have to go through as a result of menopause. According to Karen Giblin, founder of “Red Hot Mamas”, an educational support group for women who suffer from menopause, “It’s a great idea to come up with a timeline of your menopause journey to help you cope with the condition. Furthermore, the journal would also help you to keep track with the symptoms that you have experienced so you can inform your doctor about it.”

Starting a journal for menopause is just so easy. Of course, you would need to have a notebook that would serve as your journal, or you can make use of the computer-based applications online. There are also online journals that you can download in your smartphone, which you can make use at anytime you want. It is very portable and you can even carry it with you during a doctor’s visit. Make sure that you indicate the date and time whenever you write in your menopause journal because your doctors will also need this information for diagnosis.

What Causes Bloating in Menopause?

Bloating in menopause is one of the most common problems that women will have to go through when they are approaching the menopausal stage. Let us find out what triggers this condition to happen?

Bloating happens before and during menopause. This is because of the water retention as well as the accumulation of gas, or both.  There are some women who suffer from bloating only minimally before they start menopause, and it ceases soon after. However, other women are not so fortunate that can go through it even during the menopause and for several months or even years after menopause has finished.

Fluctuation of the hormone levels is the number one reason why bloating in menopause happens. With the increasing levels of estrogen in the body, water retention also increases, and thus, will lead to the bloating of your tummy. On the other hand, once your estrogen level drops, bile production will be reduced which will also result in constipation and bloating.

Aside from menopause, there are several other reasons why bloating occurs. Therefore, do not assume right away that your bloating could be due to your menopause. Bloating could be a symptom of indigestion, hyperventilation, diverticulitis, colitis, giardiasis and much more. So if you find yourself suffering from bloating frequently and if it makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be a good idea to pay a visit to your doctor.

You may also try some bloating remedies in order to alleviate discomfort. Also, it is recommended that you avoid consuming foods that could cause bloating.

Herbal teas are a good remedy for bloating during menopause. It contains minerals and other ingredients that helps keep your tummy from bloating. Try a herbal tea that has a combination of raspberry, lemon balm and dandelions. Although bloating in menopause is not something that you should be alarmed about, such condition can be embarrassing and therefore, it needs to be addressed immediately.

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